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We consult, design, engineer, and install solar panels for residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and non-profit sectors.

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Stewardship through solar energy by reducing carbon footprint, increasing property value, and gaining peace of mind.

Solar Business Projects

Why Should A Business or Farm Install A Solar System? 

Financial: Solar is an investment that in most cases pays a better rate of return than other investments. Also, many customers take advantage of the opportunity to reduce escalating operating costs, which continue to rise every year, about 6% nationally. Commercial customers are able to insulate their business against rising energy expenditures with the more leveled costs that a solar energy system can provide.

Environmental Stewardship: Move closer to achieving your sustainability goals by branding your company as ‘green’ and connecting your values to your customers, employees and suppliers.

Incentives: Invest back into your business using various incentives. There is currently a 30% tax credit, with a potential of 10% more. In addition, a solar system can be depreciated like any other piece of equipment. There is also a potential for a large grant award.

Insulation Against Utility Anarchy: Solar can help to mitigate the effects of utilities frequently changing rates, including when they charge higher seasonal rates and rates based on usage during a particular time of day, often referred to as peak rates.

Financing Options: There are a number of options to finance a solar energy project. Click here to learn about your financing options.

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Why Solar?


Quick Payback

Typically it takes six years for payback of initial costs on commercial properties and nine years for residential properties.

Return on Investment

The IRR(Instalment to Income Ratio) from solar easily out-performs the stock market


30% Investment Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation for businesses. Grants may also be available.

Increased Property Value

Solar adds $4.00 per watt installed to property value.

Become Energy Independent

Produce your own power. Help reduce U.S. dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Exercise Stewardship

Be green, brand green, and save green.

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