Solar Power Gazebo

Generate Solar Energy With Your Gazebo.

PowerGazebo is our modern-day outdoor solar roofing solution. They provide a variety of fashionable spaces to enjoy the outdoors while remaining protected. Did we mention that they aren’t just beautiful, but they also power your home? Well, there’s that too!

Power Gazebo

The PowerGazebo Design

Meet the revolutionary PowerGazebo & PowerRoof designs. Weather Proof, water proof & comes with multiple add ons like side screens and more.

Solar Power Gazebo Performance

Custom all black PV glass on glass tiles with high efficiency solar cells. ​ Patented technology for highest power density in BIPV solution.

PowerGazebo Monitoring

System monitoring on web & mobile apps. System service and maintenance notifications​. Monthly system performance summaries and more​.


Multiple Configurations: 200-400 sq. ft.

Solar Cells: Mono-PERC, 10 Bus Bars

Solar Power: 2.6 – 5.5 KWp

Ceiling Lights: 8W Warm White

Ceiling: Wooden Finish

Slope: 7°-14° | F: 7 ft. | R: 9 ft.

Tile Wattage: 77 Wp – 97 Wp

Windspeed Protection: 120 Miles Per Hour

Auxiliary Power: Power port for electronics and lights

Periphery Lights (add-on): IP 65 LED lights

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