Our philosophy is to do good for our clients by educating them and empowering them to exercise stewardship through our solar energy solutions.


We educate clients about the value of solar, economically, and environmentally.


We design a tailor-made energy strategy for each client.


We engineer, install, operate, and maintain energy systems with a high caliber of professionalism.

Annual kWh Usage

Solar System Needed

Solar System Cost

Lifetime Savings


We engineer, construct, maintain, and service solar, wind, energy storage and generator systems.

This selection of projects provides an insight into the diverse range of projects
that have both challenged and excited us in equal measure.

Power Gazebo - Ottawa Lake, Michigan

This aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space we installed in Ottawa Lake, Michigan generates $1,000 worth of energy annually. Eligible for the 30% tax credit, this structure can be built in multiple size configurations, including 27 ft by 12 ft, 22 ft x 12 ft, 19 ft x 12 ft and 15 ft x 12 ft.

Undisclosed West Michigan Location

This installation that provides power for an underground bunker has over 12 kW of Mission Solar 420 watt panels, a Sol-Ark 12 K-P EMP hardened inverter, and 24 kWh of Homegrid’s Stack’d series. The system has another layer of EMP hardening with EMP Shiled and is integrated with a Generac generator. 


We work with you through the entire process and analyze your energy needs, developing a custom energy strategy and seeing your project through installation, commissioning, and operations.

Agathon Solar is a Michigan based solar company that provides a full turnkey solar solution. We service our state in the residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial markets. We are vertically integrated with in-house builders and electrical contractor licenses, NABCEP certified PV installation professionals and electrical engineering. We do not sub any part of your project out!

In addition, we work with other solar professionals to develop and employ comprehensive energy solutions on a national level.



Electric usage data
Identify electricity saving measures
Determine specific needs


Conduct site survey
Initial design
Proposal presentation


Final design set
Utility interconnect


Only tier one components used
Pre-commission inspections
Commission System


Operate and Maintain

Real-time monitoring
Warranty compliance
Maintain solar system


Do you own your own home?

Then you should own your own energy! Solar will increase your property value and provide you with a levelized cost of energy for 25 to 35 years. There is a 30% investment tax credit available for homeowners.



Preserve for future generations by reaping long-term savings while conserving the environment. Farmers get the 30% tax credit, can depreciate solar as they would any other piece of equipment, and can easily apply for grants.


Whether you are an educational institution, municipality, church, or other type of entity that does not pay taxes, you can still enjoy the benefits of a solar system. There are a number of ways to finance such projects and enable you to reap the benefits.


Reduce operating costs and differentiate your business by branding as Green. In addition to the 30% investment tax credit, businesses can depreciate solar as they would other types of equipment, and potentially even receive grants.



Large scale solar installations produce large scale benefits both environmentally and economically. These projects require a lot of experience and financing. We partner with a national solar company to fund and construct industrial scale projects.

Energy Storage

Battery back-up systems provide real peace of mind when the grid goes down. They can also save money on demand charges and time-of-day use charges. We provide energy storage solutions for both grid-tied and off-grid needs.

We are ready to start your project

Agathon Solar provides stewardship through renewable energy. Increase your property value, reduce carbon footprint, and have peace of mind through energy independence and storage.

We’re here with you from start to finish.

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Main Office:
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