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Residential Energy Storage

There are new batteries on the market everyday, and one can go online and quickly be overwhelmed with the amount of information. We have installed a wide range of batteries over the years (totaling to date over 650 kWh) and have learned a lot in this area. What we look for in a battery is: 1) safety; 2) warranty; 3) bankability of company (to stand behind warranty); 4) quality of product (grade A cells, pouch or cylindrical, BMS type); 5) performance (cycle rating, depth of discharge, etc.). In most cases, for residential energy storage applications, we prefer the Homegrid Stack’d Series. This system has a 10-year warranty at 8,000 cycles, comes with a heated module, and can easily be expanded from 9.6 kWh to 38.4 kWh. We have toured their facility in Henderson, Nevada, and have personally learned about the company’s commitment to product safety, quality, and R & D.

With TESLA entering the market with a DC coupled battery option (meaning that solar power can now be directly put into their inverter), Agathon Solar has trained and become a Certified Installer of TESLA products. The Powerwall 3 offers 13.5 kWh of battery energy and a maximum continuous discharge of 11.5 kW. This inverter can take 20 kW of solar power and has a load start capability of 185A. This is a very robust inverter! Spec Sheet.

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We design, engineer, and install battery systems to build your capacity to store the energy your solar panels make and provide secure power when the grid goes down.

How Does it Work?

Agathon Solar offers solar and battery backup power to our customers. We install long-lasting dependable solar batteries. Batteries do have an initial start-up cost but will in the long run out-perform noisy and polluting generators. We install all types of battery technologies.

Batteries not only provide power when the grid goes down, but they can also be used to “shave the peak”. For instance, when a utility charges considerably more per kilowatt hour from 2 to 7pm during the summer. This is the perfect time to discharge your battery and “shave” that peak rate right off! Consider this, if your battery has a warrantied cycle rating of 8,000, that battery’s warranty period is almost 22 years if you cycle it down fully everyday. Most of our customers discharge their batteries to reduce the amount of energy brought in from the grid. The battery then charges back up on the next sunny day.

Commercial Energy Storage

Commercial energy storage is a fast-growing segment in the industry. Businesses need energy resiliency when the grid goes down. A generator can provide emergency power, but when coupled with solar or wind, energy storage is a better option due to the incentives, environmental benefits, and renewable nature. Commercial energy storage is not only perfect for grid instability but also has its use for the mitigation of high demand / distribution charges. Existing solar systems can be retrofitted to accommodate energy storage and even integrate an existing generator into the system for redundancy. Energy storage for commercial applications should be custom designed and modular for future expandability. 


The TESLA Megapack is a great large commercial and utility scale energy storage solution. With the Megapack and solar one can possess their own microgrid, insulating their business against grid instability, demand charges, and escalating energy costs.

Sol-Ark: The Solution​

Energy Storage Inverter

Powering Families and Businesses Through Life

The heart of any renewable energy system is the inverter. Sol-Ark has both residential and commercial energy storage inverters. These inverters can be grid tied or off grid. They have a variety of programmable functions: 1) peak shaving; 2) generator backup for powering loads and charging batteries; 3) integration of wind turbine power. There are actually too many features to list. We have done our due diligence on this product also and believe that it is the best inverter on the market, by far! Agathon has achieved a Gold Level Installer status with Sol-Ark and frequently participates in training.

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Battery systems will store the energy your solar panels create. Build a better energy system for security, sustainability, and peace of mind.