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The relationship between solar and your roof.

Rooftop solar installations require training, experience, and care. A poorly installed system can leak and cause serious damage in later years. A professionally installed solar system can provide decades of saving and secure energy for a home owner.

Tesla solar roof

The TESLA solar roof is comprised of solar glass and metal roof tiles for a beautiful integrated look. This roof combined with the Powerwall enables you to generate and store your own clean energy.

tesla solar roof

Custom Solar Roof Options

Residential Roofing by SunStyle

SunStyle is a Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) roof that is aesthetically pleasing. Installed with a single set of building materials, the structural roof and energy generating modules are one. The glass shingles are 110 W monocrystalline with 17% efficiency. This product has been deployed for 10 years in Europe and is now being installed on Google’s building in Silicon Valley, California. Tesla SunStyle can be installed in conjunction with Energy Storage Systems. 

For more in information on the product and installation see this 1-minute video.

Sunflare Solar

Sunflare modules are better than traditional silicon panels in partial shade. All Sunflare modules have bypass diodes for each individual cell. This means when a cell is shaded by trees or debris, only that individual cell stops producing power. Traditional solar modules have a bypass diode per string of cells. Therefore, if just one cell is covered, that whole string will not produce power. Since there are usually only 3 strings per panel, if the shade is across a single row, the entire panel can be knocked out.

Sunflare Powerfit 20 works on TPO and other flat membrane roofs, as well as standing seam and corrugated metal roofs. Sunflare offers lightweight solar modules for flat TPO membrane roofs, as well as metal standing seam and corrugated roofs, all without penetrations.

Sistine Solar Skins

Sistine Solar skins technology was designed by MIT engineers. It is a patented graphic overlay that when applied to traditional solar panels transforms their appearance. The skins are customizable and can feature logos, text, imagery, and custom artwork in a wide range of colors.


Quick Payback

Typically it takes six years for payback of initial costs on commercial properties and nine years for residential properties.

Return on Investment

The ROI from solar easily out-performs the stock market.


30% Investment Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation for businesses. Grants may also be applied for.

Increased Property Value

Solar adds $4.00 per watt installed to property value.

Become Energy Independent

Produce your own power. Help reduce U.S. dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Exercise Stewardship

Be green, brand green, and save green.

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Solar roof mounts can be great space saving solutions for properties with limited ground space.

We will review your property and devise a custom energy strategy for you. One of our strengths is our training and the lengths that we go to protect your roof. Ask us about this.