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Commercial Service Project

This 70kW project had its monitoring changed from a costly cellular product to utilizing the customer’s local area network. A rapid shutdown device on the roof had water ingress which caused it to catch fire and the junction box also needed some cleaning up.

Residential Service Project

In this project conduit had pulled apart and wires were exposed on a metal roof; conduit was also not fastened to the roof correctly and was touching the ridge. This customer had also been sold a system that was performing at less that 30% of what he had been promised due to signifcant shading and not the right equipment to mitigate the effects thereof. We removed all of the panels, installed them correctly, fixed the conduit runs, and retrofitted with a system designed to deal with shading.

Residential Retrofit Project

This customer had a 10-year-old grid tied battery backup solution. One of the inverter’s had arced and the batteries were past their life cycle. We upgraded to a newer inverter and LiFePO4 battery system.



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We provide service and maintenance for solar and battery installations that we have not installed. With our NABCEP certified personnel we will inspect your system to make sure it is safe and optimally performing. We also perform retrofits, upgrades, and replacements.