There is an unique relationship between solar energy and your roof besides just traditionally mounted solar panels. This relationship exists for both the commercial/industrial client, and for residential clients as well.

Commercial and Industrial

Solar Carries Roof

This is a strange assertion… “Solar Carries Roof”. Structurally, the roof supports the solar system. However, in one sense the solar system can carry the roof —financially. Most commercial buildings are owner-occupied. These owners care about energy costs and would be interested in reaping the benefits of rooftop solar.

The Problem

In many cases the roof is just too old or in too poor of condition to install a solar system with a 35 year life expectancy. And, a new roof and a solar system are often just too much capital to outlay at once for most companies. This results in forfeiting the environmental and economical benefits of solar.

The Marriage

There exists a potential unique relationship between a solar system and the roof. Whether the roof is TPO, EPDM, mod bit, or metal, it can be restored with a liquid applied membrane and / or spray polyurethane foam. Depending upon the roof material it will need be cleaned in a certain manner and / or ballast vacuumed off, but once this is done the liquid membrane will fully adhere and provide a leak free roof stronger than before. This liquid membrane carries a 25-year warranty in ponding water.

The Marriage Solution

Allow the solar to carry the cost of the roof restoration. On average a roof restoration may cost 40% of what a new roof would cost. That cost combined with the cost of solar system can still be a substantial capital outlay. However, you can take the cost of the roof and the solar system and potentially roll that over 30 years by entering into a power purchase agreement (PPA). In a PPA you would buy your electricity from fixed rate with a fixed annual escalator. Depending upon your location and the incentives, the roof could end up being free or it could cost a couple extra cents per kWh of energy in the PPA cost. Either way, there is no capital expenditure, or responsibility to maintain the system, as there would be with a traditional cash or loan purchase.


The Solar Shingle and Better Traditional Roof Solar

There has been a lot of publicity about solar shingles recently, but the product never really hit the market. For almost 10 years Certainteed, a leading building supply manufacturer for a century, has been distributing their award winning Apollo Solar Roofing System.This system is comparable to the solar shingle, actually works, is aesthetically pleasing, and is designed by a company that knows how to protect your roof. It is available for both asphalt and concrete shingled roofs.

Better Traditional Roof Solar

Traditional roof solar is now taken to a new level with Certain Teed’s Solstice Solar System.
Certainteed Manufactures its own solar panels and has partnered with leading US solar racking and inverter manufacturers to offer engineered systems for peak performance and efficiency.These systems are warrantied by Certain Teed for all components and also workmanship for 15 years when installed by a CertainTeed-credentialed solar installer. One warranty holder that has been in business for a century and a 15 year warranty on workmanship: traditional roof solar made better!

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