Arcadia Ground Mount With Battery Backup



This 12.3 kW ground mount has bifacial solar panels yielding about 10% more production annually. The Sol-Ark 12K-P is here being used to discharge the batteries daily down to 70% depth of discharge to save on energy costs.

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Muskegon Roof Installation

One utility recently increased their rates by 50% during peak times in the summer. Solar energy systems can “shave the peak” off of this due to its production profile paralleling the peak time. Roof installations are a great way to extend the life of the roof and generate energy from unused space. This 9.3 kW system will provide around $2,000 worth of electricity annually, especially considering the peak time-of-day rates that one utility just imposed.

Shave the Peak
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Hudsonville Solar and Energy Storage

This system has 18.5 kWh of LiFePO4 battery storage and LG 335 watt panels. We also designed a roll-out additional solar system to be used during the winter and in emergencies.

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Ludington Solar Awning

This solar awning was installed on a house overlooking Lake Michigan. Solar can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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Solar Skins

These high wattage solar panels have “skins” that are made to any back drop and helps the system blend in. It also uses a railless racking system.

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Off Grid Solar System in Baldwin

The utility wanted $30,000 to get electricity to this customer’s house. This solar-battery-generator system allows them to never pay a utility bill again.

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