Power Gazebo

Generate Clean Energy With The Power Gazebo.

The Power Gazebo provides aesthtically pleasing and functional renewable energu. These fashionable spaces are tax deductible.

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Power Gazebo - Ottawa Lake, Michigan

This aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space we installed in Ottawa Lake, Michigan generates $1,000 worth of energy annually. Eligible for the 30% tax credit, this structure can be built in multiple size configurations, including 27 ft by 12 ft, 22 ft x 12 ft, 19 ft x 12 ft and 15 ft x 12 ft.


Frequently Asked Question​

Meet the revolutionary PowerGazebo & PowerRoof designs. Weather Proof, water proof & comes with multiple add ons like side screens and more.


Custom all black PV glass on glass tiles with high efficiency solar cells. ​ Patented technology for highest power density in BIPV solution.


System monitoring on web & mobile apps. System service and maintenance notifications​. Monthly system performance summaries and more​.


Multiple Configurations: 200-400 sq. ft.

Solar Cells: Mono-PERC, 10 Bus Bars

Solar Power: 2.6 – 5.5 KWp

Ceiling Lights: 8W Warm White

Ceiling: Wooden Finish

Slope: 7°-14° | F: 7 ft. | R: 9 ft.

Tile Wattage: 77 Wp – 97 Wp

Windspeed Protection: 120 Miles Per Hour

Auxiliary Power: Power port for electronics and lights

Periphery Lights (add-on): IP 65 LED lights

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