Arcadia Ground Mount With Battery Backup



This 12.3 kW ground mount has bifacial solar panels yielding about 10% more production annually. The Sol-Ark 12K-P is here being used to discharge the batteries daily down to 70% depth of discharge to save on energy costs.

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LiFePO4 Battery Backup Integrated with Generator

This 5 kW roof install has Silfab 360 W NX panels, a SolArk 12 kW inverter, Tigo TS4-R-O optimizers, and a Fortress 18.5 kWh eVault LiFePO4 battery. The system is also integrated with a 24 kW Generac generator. When the battery reaches its depth of discharge the generator will automatically start, power any loads, and also charge the battery. Once the battery has reached its desired charge level the Generac will automatically turn off.

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