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The future of solar power is now. Let us help you bring your residence, business, agricultural or industrial property into a world of sustainability and profitability.

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Exercise stewardship through solar energy by reducing your carbon footprint, increasing property value, and gaining peace of mind.

We consult, design, engineer, and install solar panels for residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and the non-profit sectors.

Ground Mount Solar Panel Installations


Quick Payback

Typically it takes six years for payback of initial costs on commercial properties and nine years for residential properties.

Increased Property Value

Solar adds $4.00 per watt installed to property value.

Return on Investment

The IRR(Instalment to Income Ratio) from solar easily out-performs the stock market

Become Energy Independent

Produce your own power. Help reduce U.S. dependence on imported fossil fuels.


26% Investment Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation for businesses. Grants may also be available.

Exercise Stewardship

Be green, brand green, and save green.

The Basics of Solar

The basic solar system includes solar panels, an inverter, racking, and a monitoring system. The panels generate electricity that the inverter converts to a form that your home or business uses. When your system produces more energy than you can use it goes back to the utility and is stored as a credit that you use when the solar system is not producing all of the energy you need (winter). This process is called net-metering.

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