Undisclosed Location Battery Backup

A year ago we installed a 9 kW ground mounted solar system with an SMA inverter. This year we replaced the SMA with a Sol-Ark 12 kW and added 50 kWh of LiFePO4 battery backup. This system is EMP hardened for the battery bank, the inverter, and the main electrical panel by EMP Shield.

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Ludington Roof Install

Here we have a beautiful Mission Solar panel with Solar Edge optimizers and inverter. We actually shoveled snow off of the roof to get this 10.35 kW in before the end of the year.

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Norton Shores Sol-Ark and Battery Backup

Currently there is a 6.48 kW roof mounted solar system with a reverse tilt facing south using a Silfab 360 watt panel. The Sol-Ark 12 kW is here used with Tigo optimizers and 19.6 kWh of LiFePO4 batteries from Sacred Sun. These batteries carry a 10 year and 6,000 cycle warranty. This system is also integrated with a manual roll out gas generator. The inverter is oversized as the customer plans to add more solar.

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Ada Rooftop Solar and Generator Integration

Here we have a 5.94 kW install on two portions of the roof with Tigo optimizers and an SMA inverter. This customer has module level monitoring capabilities through the Tigo platform. We also integrated the system with a whole home backup generator using a drop out relay.

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South Haven Single Axis Manual Tilt Solar System

This 4.9 kW system has twelve 410 watt bifacial panels, which give about 8% more production due to reflection off of the snow on the back side of the panel. The manual tilt is moved 5 times a year and will yield about another 10% of extra production. We also installed this system “battery ready” with the Sol-Ark inverter. This way the customer can add batteries later when ready. The inverter functions as a grid tied inverter now.

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26.4 kW Bifacial Solar Panel install in Whitehall

This ground mounted solar system has 440 W Longi Bifacial solar panels and is also battery ready. The bifacial panel will give you about 8% more production due to reflection off of the snow during the winter. This energy strategy encompassed the customer’s desire to add a battery next year. Thus, we installed a SolArk 12kW inverter and have it ready to take a battery. Along with it is a 15.0 kW Fronius grid tied inverter. This was installed about 150′ from the customer’s home.

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35.2 kW Grant Ground Mounted Solar Panels

This large ground mount has eighty-eight 410 W Trina Tallmax solar panels and two 15.0 kW Fronius inverters. The estimated annual production of this system is over 42,000 kWh. This site required a high level of interaction with the utility and a transformer upgrade.

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DEPCOM Power located in Arizona has found a unique way to give back. This company formed a non-profit and separate LLC to give to the impoverished and veterans, and to educate and provide solar. On their solar installations panels are sometimes bruised and not used on that job. But, DEPCOM refurbishes them and donates the panels for non-profit use.

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Battery Ready Install

Metal Roof Installation in Grant

This 12.8 kW metal roof mount has a battery ready inverter installed. When the customer is ready to add batteries they can without a lot of additional cost.

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The MSU solar carports

The MSU solar carports were commission on November 15, 2017 and were touted to save the university $10 million over 25 years. One year later the solar carports are performing as designed. This is the one of the largest installation of solar carports in the US.

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