DEPCOM Power located in Arizona has found a unique way to give back. This company formed a non-profit and separate LLC to give to the impoverished and veterans, and to educate and provide solar. On their solar installations panels are sometimes bruised and not used on that job. But, DEPCOM refurbishes them and donates the panels for non-profit use.

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Battery Ready Install

Metal Roof Installation in Grant

This 12.8 kW metal roof mount has a battery ready inverter installed. When the customer is ready to add batteries they can without a lot of additional cost.

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The MSU solar carports

The MSU solar carports were commission on November 15, 2017 and were touted to save the university $10 million over 25 years. One year later the solar carports are performing as designed. This is the one of the largest installation of solar carports in the US.

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