Muskegon Roof Installation

One utility recently increased their rates by 50% during peak times in the summer. Solar energy systems can “shave the peak” off of this due to its production profile paralleling the peak time. Roof installations are a great way to extend the life of the roof and generate energy from unused space. This 9.3 kW system will provide around $2,000 worth of electricity annually, especially considering the peak time-of-day rates that one utility just imposed.

Shave the Peak
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EMP Hardened Battery Backup

This battery backup system is EMP hardened and powers the house for a whole night, including charging an electric vehicle. The brains of the system is the SolArk 12 kW inverter that also has a generator hookup so that if the battery does get low the generator can power the houseĀ loads and charge the battery if needed.

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Solar Time Tracker Install

This commercial business had two Solar Time Trackers installed. Each has 6,000 watts of power and will produce over 9,000 kWh of energy each year. This business received a grant that offset installation costs.

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Off Grid Solar Panel System

This off grid system has a manually adjustable tracking system and 4 kW of Trina 340 W solar panels. The inverter is an Outback 4048, with a Schneider charger controller, and Outback batteries. No electricity bill for this home!

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Solar Awning Installation

This 6.8 kW solar awning provides power and shade. The shading will save on cooling costs in the summer and the solar will generate electricity all year around.

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Forty 365 Longi Solar Panels

Forty 365 Longi solar panels with half-cell technology are mounted to this ornamental canopy structure using Ironridge rails and a custom mounting technique. The DC is converted by two 7.7 kW SMA inverters.

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Solar Panel Roof Installation

This roof installation in a historic neighborhood has twelve 395 W Jinko Solar panels with a 5.0 kW SMA inverter and optimizers. The racking is Ironridge.

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Large Custom Solar Panel Array

This large custom array of 44 panels has 20 kWh of Li-on battery backup, 5 inverters, automatic backup units, Tigo optimizers, and Lumin Smart Energy Panels.

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