Undisclosed Location Battery Backup

A year ago we installed a 9 kW ground mounted solar system with an SMA inverter. This year we replaced the SMA with a Sol-Ark 12 kW and added 50 kWh of LiFePO4 battery backup. This system is EMP hardened for the battery bank, the inverter, and the main electrical panel by EMP Shield.

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Norton Shores Sol-Ark and Battery Backup

Currently there is a 6.48 kW roof mounted solar system with a reverse tilt facing south using a Silfab 360 watt panel. The Sol-Ark 12 kW is here used with Tigo optimizers and 19.6 kWh of LiFePO4 batteries from Sacred Sun. These batteries carry a 10 year and 6,000 cycle warranty. This system is also integrated with a manual roll out gas generator. The inverter is oversized as the customer plans to add more solar.

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LiFePO4 Battery Backup Integrated with Generator

This 5 kW roof install has Silfab 360 W NX panels, a SolArk 12 kW inverter, Tigo TS4-R-O optimizers, and a Fortress 18.5 kWh eVault LiFePO4 battery. The system is also integrated with a 24 kW Generac generator. When the battery reaches its depth of discharge the generator will automatically start, power any loads, and also charge the battery. Once the battery has reached its desired charge level the Generac will automatically turn off.

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Off Grid Sol-Ark Install

The Sol-Ark 12kW hybrid inverter is here deployed in off grid mode. There is 4.1 kW of solar and 19.6 kWh of LiFePO4 battery. The customer is using an old refrigerator to keep the batteries above freezing with a heat lamp and temperature controlled outlet.

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Energy Storage Prepping

This house has 37 kWh of secure power in the event of grid failure. There is 13 kW of solar to support it, some of it on a custom designed roll-out system.

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Grid Tied Battery Backup

This large battery backup system will power this house for days in the event of grid failure. It has 20 kWh of energy storage and almost 18kW of custom fabricated solar racking.

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