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    Stewardship through solar energy. Reduce your carbon footprint. Increase your property value. Peace of mind with energy independence.

    Solar systems only produce power when the sun is shining. The more directly the sun hits the panels, the more electricity the system will produce. The direction of the sun varies greatly over the course of the day. In addition, the sun’s angle varies according to the season. For a fixed system, like a roof-mount, the orientation of the panels is set. The exact angle and pitch is a function of the roof and is not optimized for the full range of the sun’s movement across the sky.

    Tracker systems, in contrast, are designed to follow the path of the sun. The solar panels are mounted to the tracker, which has an integrated motor drive and gear system that moves the panels every few minutes to keep them oriented directly toward the sun. This allows the panels to be optimized to maintain peak power output during the entire daylight period. By following the sun during the day and adjusting the orientation for the different seasons, an AllEarth Solar Tracker can generate up to 45% more energy than a fixed system of the same size.


    Solar Tracker Installation Projects

    Quick Payback

    Typically it takes six years for payback of initial costs on commercial properties and nine years for residential properties.

    Increased Property Value

    Solar adds $4.00 per watt installed to property value.

    Return on Investment

    The IRR (Instalment to Income Ratio) from solar easily out-performs the stock market.

    Become Energy Independent

    Produce your own power. Help reduce U.S. dependence on imported fossil fuels.


    26% Investment Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation for businesses. Grants may also be available.

    Exercise Stewardship

    Be green, brand green, and save green.